What to do in Buenos Aires in March 2024

Why you should visit Buenos Aires in March

Buenos Aires in March is a fantastic time to visit this vibrant city. The weather is pleasant, and there are numerous events and activities to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in cultural festivals, outdoor adventures, or simply soaking in the energy of the city, Buenos Aires has something for everyone in March.

Buenos Aires Weather in March

In March, Buenos Aires experiences the end of its summer season, providing warm and pleasant weather. The average high temperature hovers around 27°C (80°F) and the nights are comfortably cool at around 18°C (64°F). However, occasional showers are not uncommon, so it’s advisable to pack an umbrella or light raincoat.

Buenos Aires Events in March

Tango Buenos Aires Festival

The Tango Buenos Aires Festival is a must-see event for any visitor to the city. The festival celebrates the sultry and seductive Argentine dance form with performances, workshops, and competitions. It’s a mesmerizing display of passion and artistry that will leave you spellbound.

Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival

This renowned film festival attracts directors, actors, and movie enthusiasts from around the world. The event showcases a diverse range of independent films, documentaries, and shorts. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience cinema from a fresh and alternative perspective.

Buenos Aires Book Fair

The Buenos Aires Book Fair is one of the most important literary events in the Spanish-speaking world. It features book launches, author readings, and discussions, making it a paradise for book lovers. The fair also offers an array of cultural activities, making it a delightful event for visitors of all ages.

Buenos Aires’s top places to visit in March

Recoleta Cemetery

Take a stroll through Recoleta Cemetery, famous for its elaborate mausoleums and intricate architecture. It’s a fascinating and slightly eerie experience, as you wander among the final resting places of some of Argentina’s most notable figures.

Palermo Soho

Palermo Soho is a trendy and bohemian neighborhood, known for its stylish boutiques, chic cafes, and vibrant street art. Explore the area’s unique shops, indulge in delicious cuisine, and absorb the creative atmosphere that defines this eclectic district.

Teatro Colón

Experience the grandeur of Teatro Colón, one of the world’s most renowned opera houses. Take a guided tour to marvel at its opulent architecture, lavish interiors, and learn about its rich history and prestigious performances.

Puerto Madero

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the waterfront promenade of Puerto Madero, an upscale neighborhood featuring modern architecture, stylish restaurants, and stunning views of the Rio de la Plata. It’s the perfect place to unwind and savor the city’s relaxed ambiance.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by attending the various events and exploring the distinctive neighborhoods that make Buenos Aires a captivating destination.

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