What to do in Dublin in March 2024

Why you should visit Dublin in March

March is an excellent time to visit Dublin, as it marks the beginning of spring and the city comes alive with various cultural events, vibrant festivals, and pleasant weather. The city’s lively atmosphere, coupled with its rich history and charming architecture, offers a delightful experience for visitors. Whether you’re interested in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, exploring cultural exhibitions, or simply taking in the sights, Dublin has something for everyone in March.

Dublin Weather in March

In March, Dublin experiences a transition from the cool winter weather to milder temperatures. While the weather can be unpredictable, with occasional rain and cool breezes, the city begins to bloom with the arrival of spring. Average temperatures range from 4°C to 11°C, making it suitable for outdoor exploration and sightseeing. Layers and a waterproof jacket are recommended to stay comfortable during your visit.

Dublin Events in March

St. Patrick’s Festival

The St. Patrick’s Festival is the highlight of March in Dublin. The festivities typically span several days, featuring parades, live music, dance performances, and a lively atmosphere throughout the city. Visitors can witness the iconic St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which showcases vibrant floats, traditional music, and colorful costumes, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Irish Craft Beer and Whiskey Festival

For connoisseurs of craft beverages, the Irish Craft Beer and Whiskey Festival is a must-visit event in Dublin. Held annually in March, this festival celebrates the rich brewing and distilling traditions of Ireland, offering a fantastic opportunity to sample a diverse selection of locally crafted beers and whiskies, accompanied by live music and food vendors.

Spring into Storytelling

Spring into Storytelling is a captivating event that takes place at various venues across Dublin in March. It showcases the art of storytelling through captivating performances, workshops, and interactive sessions, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Irish folklore, myths, and contemporary narratives.

Dublin’s top places to visit in March

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Visiting St. Patrick’s Cathedral, one of Dublin‘s most iconic landmarks, is a must in March. Admire the stunning architecture, explore the beautiful interior, and discover the cathedral’s historical significance, which is particularly intriguing during the St. Patrick’s Festival.

Phoenix Park

Embrace the arrival of spring by taking a leisurely stroll through Phoenix Park, one of Europe’s largest enclosed urban parks. The park’s lush landscapes, tranquil atmosphere, and resident deer make it an ideal place to enjoy nature and outdoor activities during March.

National Gallery of Ireland

Art enthusiasts should explore the National Gallery of Ireland, which houses an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, and visual art from various periods. With several exhibitions and events scheduled in March, it offers a fantastic opportunity to appreciate renowned works of art.

Temple Bar Cultural Quarter

Immerse yourself in Dublin‘s thriving cultural scene by visiting Temple Bar, a vibrant district known for its lively pubs, art galleries, and street performances. In March, the area comes alive with cultural events, live music, and artistic displays, offering an authentic taste of Dublin‘s creative spirit.

Visitors are encouraged to book accommodations and event tickets in advance, especially during the St. Patrick’s Festival, as Dublin experiences a surge in tourism during March.

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