What to do in Manchester in April 2024

Why you should visit Manchester in April

April is a fantastic time to visit Manchester, as the city comes alive with vibrant events and activities. The weather is usually milder, making it perfect for outdoor exploration. Additionally, the city’s cultural scene is in full swing, offering a plethora of entertainment options for visitors.

Manchester Weather in April

In April, Manchester experiences mild spring weather, with average temperatures ranging from 6°C to 13°C (43°F to 55°F). While occasional rain showers are common, the city also enjoys sunny intervals, making it a great time to explore the city’s outdoor attractions.

Manchester Events in April

Manchester International Festival

The Manchester International Festival is a biennial celebration of original art and performance, showcasing a diverse range of creative talent from around the world. The festival features an array of events, including live music, theater performances, and visual arts exhibitions, offering a unique cultural experience for attendees.

The Manchester Jazz Festival

The Manchester Jazz Festival, held annually in April, is a highlight for music enthusiasts. The event brings together local and international jazz artists, offering a rich program of concerts, workshops, and jam sessions. It’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant music scene.

Manchester Literature Festival

The Manchester Literature Festival celebrates the written word through a series of author readings, book launches, and literary discussions. The festival welcomes renowned writers and emerging talents, providing an engaging platform for literary exploration and creative exchange.

Manchester’s top places to visit in April

Castlefield Urban Heritage Park

Explore the historic Castlefield Urban Heritage Park, a picturesque area with canals, Roman ruins, and stunning industrial architecture. It’s an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll and a glimpse into Manchester‘s rich heritage.

Manchester Art Gallery

Immerse yourself in the world of art at the Manchester Art Gallery, home to an impressive collection of fine art, decorative arts, and contemporary exhibitions. The gallery’s diverse range of artworks offers a captivating cultural experience.


Discover Manchester‘s vibrant Chinatown, filled with colorful arches, authentic eateries, and a bustling atmosphere. Take in the lively ambiance and savor traditional Asian cuisine for a taste of the city’s multicultural charm.

Heaton Park

Embark on a nature retreat at Heaton Park, one of the largest municipal parks in Europe. With expansive green spaces, woodlands, and a picturesque lake, the park provides a serene escape from the urban bustle, perfect for picnics or leisurely walks.

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