What to do in Nagoya in April 2024

What to do in Nagoya in April 2024

Why you should visit Nagoya in April

April is a fantastic time to visit Nagoya, as the city comes alive with beautiful cherry blossoms, pleasant weather, and exciting events. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore Nagoya‘s vibrant culture, stunning natural scenery, and delicious culinary offerings.

Nagoya Weather in April

In April, Nagoya experiences mild and pleasant weather, making it an ideal time to explore the city and its surrounding areas. The average temperature ranges from 13°C to 20°C (55°F to 68°F), providing comfortable conditions for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Nagoya Events in April

Nagoya Festival

The Nagoya Festival, held in mid-April, is a lively celebration featuring colorful parades, traditional music and dance performances, and an array of delicious local food. It’s a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Nagoya‘s rich cultural heritage.

World Cosplay Summit

The World Cosplay Summit, typically held in late April, attracts cosplay enthusiasts from around the globe. This event showcases extraordinary costumes and performances, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere throughout the city.

Flower Festivals

In April, several flower festivals take place in Nagoya, highlighting the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms and other seasonal blooms. Visitors can enjoy serene walks among the vibrant floral displays and capture stunning photographs.

Nagoya’s top places to visit in April

Nagoya Castle and Gardens

Nagoya Castle, surrounded by picturesque gardens, offers a captivating experience in April as cherry blossoms adorn the grounds, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere. Visitors can stroll along the castle’s moat and revel in the beauty of the blooming sakura.

Oasis 21 and Hisaya Odori Park

Oasis 21 and the adjacent Hisaya Odori Park are popular spots to witness the cherry blossoms in full bloom. The futuristic architecture of Oasis 21 contrasts beautifully with the delicate pink flowers, providing a unique and scenic setting for relaxation and enjoyment.

Atsuta Shrine

Atsuta Shrine, one of Japan’s most important Shinto shrines, is adorned with cherry blossoms in April, creating a serene and spiritual ambiance. Visitors can partake in traditional rituals and take peaceful walks through the shrine’s sacred grounds.

Toyotashi Kuragaike Park

This expansive park becomes a floral paradise in April, with vibrant cherry blossoms creating a picturesque backdrop for leisurely picnics, tranquil boat rides, and refreshing nature walks. The park’s idyllic setting offers a perfect escape from the city bustle.

It’s advisable to check the exact dates and details of events and blooming periods for cherry blossoms before planning your trip to Nagoya in April.

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