What to do in Oslo in December 2024

What to do in Oslo in December 2024

Why you should visit Oslo in December

Oslo in December offers a magical winter wonderland experience for travelers. The city comes alive with festive markets, outdoor activities, and a charming atmosphere that is sure to enchant visitors. From the beautiful Christmas decorations to the cozy cafes and warm, friendly locals, Oslo in December is a delightful mix of tradition and modernity.

Oslo Weather in December

Oslo experiences winter in December, with average temperatures ranging from -6°C to 2°C. Snow is common, adding to the picturesque winter scenery. It’s important to dress warmly with layers, including a good winter coat, hat, gloves, and sturdy boots to stay comfortable while exploring the city.

Oslo Events in December

Christmas Markets

Throughout December, Oslo hosts several enchanting Christmas markets, such as the festive market at Spikersuppa and the charming market at the Norwegian Folk Museum. Here, visitors can explore stalls selling traditional handicrafts, local treats, and festive decorations. The aroma of mulled wine and roasted almonds fills the air, creating a magical ambience.

Holiday Concerts

Oslo‘s concert halls and churches come alive with beautiful holiday music during December. From traditional Norwegian carols to classical performances, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy the festive spirit through music. The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet often host special holiday performances.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations

December ends with a bang in Oslo, as the city celebrates New Year’s Eve with dazzling fireworks, street parties, and special events at clubs and restaurants. Locals and visitors come together to welcome the new year, creating a lively and jubilant atmosphere throughout the city.

Oslo’s top places to visit in December

Vigeland Park

Vigeland Park, with its stunning display of sculptures by Gustav Vigeland, is a must-visit in December. The snow-covered statues create a unique and ethereal atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a winter stroll and a memorable photo opportunity.

Nordmarka Forest

Nordmarka Forest is a winter wonderland offering activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter hiking. The crisp air and serene surroundings provide a peaceful retreat from the bustling city, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Oslo‘s winter landscape.

The Nobel Peace Center

The Nobel Peace Center is an educational and inspirational attraction in December, showcasing the stories of Nobel Peace Prize laureates through interactive exhibitions and thought-provoking displays. It’s a place where visitors can reflect on peace, human rights, and the power of positive change in the world.

Akershus Fortress

Exploring Akershus Fortress is a fascinating way to delve into Oslo‘s history in wintertime. The medieval castle and fortifications offer panoramic views of the city, and the museum within the fortress provides insight into Norway’s past. The cold weather adds an extra layer of authenticity to the experience, transporting visitors back in time.

Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House’s striking architecture and stunning waterfront location make it an excellent destination in December. Visitors can enjoy a guided tour, sample Nordic cuisine at the on-site restaurant, or attend a performance to witness the enchanting combination of music, art, and design in this modern cultural landmark.

It’s advisable to check the specific opening hours and availability for each attraction in December as some places might have limited operating hours or special holiday schedules.

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