What to do in Paphos in July 2024

Why you should visit Paphos in July

Paphos, located on the southwest coast of Cyprus, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and natural beauty. In July, this coastal town comes alive with a myriad of events, perfect weather, and a range of activities suitable for all types of travelers.

Paphos Weather in July

In July, Paphos experiences hot and dry weather, with temperatures averaging around 31°C (88°F). The Mediterranean climate ensures plenty of sunshine, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities, beach relaxation, and exploring the town’s attractions.

Paphos Events in July

Paphos Beer Festival

Embrace the local culture and join the lively Paphos Beer Festival, where you can sample an array of local and international beers, accompanied by live music and traditional Cypriot cuisine. This annual event is a must-visit for beer enthusiasts and those looking to immerse themselves in the town’s social scene.

Paphos Aphrodite Festival

Experience the enchanting performances at the Paphos Aphrodite Festival, a renowned open-air musical and theatrical event held at the medieval castle square. Enjoy world-class opera and classical music against the backdrop of the ancient castle, creating an unforgettable cultural experience.

Paphos Ancient Greek Drama Festival

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Paphos by attending the Ancient Greek Drama Festival, where you can witness captivating performances of ancient Greek tragedies and comedies at the picturesque ancient Odeon. This unique event offers a fascinating insight into the town’s historical significance.

Paphos’s top places to visit in July

Paphos Archaeological Park

Explore the fascinating ruins of Paphos Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring well-preserved mosaics, ancient agora, and the impressive remains of the Roman villas. Discover the rich history of Paphos amidst a stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tomb of the Kings

Delve into the ancient necropolis of the Tomb of the Kings, an underground burial complex dating back to the 4th century BC. Wander through the intricately carved tombs and marvel at the impressive architecture, offering a glimpse into Paphos‘s past burial traditions.

Aphrodite’s Rock

Visit the iconic Aphrodite’s Rock, located along the rugged coastline, which according to Greek mythology is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. Admire the stunning sea views and soak in the mythical ambiance of this natural landmark, often visited for its romantic and picturesque setting.

Paphos Old Town

Stroll through the charming streets of Paphos Old Town, where you can discover traditional Cypriot architecture, quaint shops, and family-run tavernas serving authentic local cuisine. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere and get a taste of everyday life in Paphos.

For a truly immersive experience, consider hiring a local guide to gain in-depth knowledge of the historical sites and cultural significance, enhancing your visit to Paphos.

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