What to do in Puerto Vallarta in September 2024

Why you should visit Puerto Vallarta in September

September is a great time to visit Puerto Vallarta for those seeking a tranquil and authentic experience. The summer crowds have thinned out, allowing visitors to enjoy the city’s attractions in a more relaxed atmosphere. The weather is still warm, and the city’s natural beauty is at its peak. Additionally, September marks the beginning of the sea turtle hatching season, offering a unique opportunity to witness this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon.

Puerto Vallarta Weather in September

September in Puerto Vallarta brings warm temperatures and a tropical climate. The average high temperature hovers around 88°F (31°C), with the evenings cooling down to around 74°F (23°C). While September falls within the rainy season, it’s typically characterized by short, intense bursts of rain, interspersed with plenty of sunshine. It’s advisable to pack light, breathable clothing and be prepared for sporadic rainfall.

Puerto Vallarta Events in September

Fiestas Patrias (Mexican Independence Day)

Celebrated on September 16th, Mexican Independence Day is a significant event in Puerto Vallarta, commemorated with vibrant street parades, traditional music and dance performances, and spectacular firework displays. Visitors can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere, savor authentic Mexican cuisine, and witness the reenactment of the “Grito de Dolores” (Cry of Dolores), a key historical moment in Mexico’s struggle for independence.

Vallarta Wine Fest

The Vallarta Wine Fest is a beloved event for wine enthusiasts, taking place in mid-September. It offers an array of wine tastings, workshops, and gastronomic experiences, showcasing local and international vintages. The event is hosted at various venues across Puerto Vallarta, providing a delightful opportunity for visitors to indulge in the world of wine within the city’s picturesque settings.

Puerto Vallarta Gastronomy Festival

Throughout September, Puerto Vallarta hosts its Gastronomy Festival, celebrating the region’s culinary prowess. The festival features a multitude of events, including chef-led cooking classes, food tastings, and themed dinners at the city’s top restaurants. It’s a fantastic chance for visitors to savor the diverse flavors of Mexican cuisine and explore the remarkable culinary scene of Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta’s top places to visit in September

Malecón and Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Take a leisurely stroll along Malecón, the iconic seaside promenade, and explore the vibrant downtown area. September offers a quieter ambiance, allowing visitors to appreciate the impressive array of sculptures, captivating street performances, and charming local shops and galleries.

Los Arcos National Marine Park

Embark on a snorkeling or boat tour to Los Arcos, an enchanting marine park comprising a cluster of granite islands and diverse marine life. September provides ideal conditions for underwater exploration, with calm waters and excellent visibility, allowing visitors to marvel at the region’s rich aquatic biodiversity.

El Salado Estuary and Bird Sanctuary

Nestled within a lush tropical landscape, this ecological reserve offers a serene escape from the bustling city. Visitors can partake in guided nature walks or boat excursions through the mangroves, observing a plethora of bird species and other wildlife in their natural habitat.


Just a short drive from Puerto Vallarta, the bohemian town of Sayulita exudes a laid-back charm, with its colorful streets, inviting beaches, and eclectic mix of boutiques and eateries. September presents an excellent opportunity to enjoy the town’s relaxed vibe and partake in activities such as surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or simply unwinding by the shore.

Rhythms of the Night

Immerse yourself in an enchanting evening at Rhythms of the Night, a mesmerizing theatrical performance set on a secluded island. Accessed via a scenic boat ride, this captivating cultural experience features live music, dance, and a sumptuous dinner under the starlit sky, offering a magical way to create lasting memories in Puerto Vallarta.

Don’t forget to check for potential travel restrictions and plan activities in advance due to the evolving situation.

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