What to do in Sapporo in February 2024

What to do in Sapporo in February 2024

Why you should visit Sapporo in February

Sapporo is the ideal destination for winter enthusiasts in February. The city comes alive with the Sapporo Snow Festival, offering spectacular ice sculptures and a vibrant atmosphere. Visitors can also indulge in hot springs, explore picturesque winter landscapes, and savor delicious local cuisine.

Sapporo Weather in February

In February, Sapporo experiences cold and snowy weather, with temperatures averaging around -3°C (27°F). The city is blanketed in snow, creating a magical winter wonderland. It’s essential to dress warmly and embrace the winter activities that Sapporo has to offer.

Sapporo Events in February

Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival is one of the largest winter events in Japan, featuring magnificent ice and snow sculptures that adorn the city. The festival offers an enchanting experience with various activities, snow slides, and impressive illuminated displays.

Otaru Snow Light Path Festival

Located near Sapporo, the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival showcases beautiful candlelit snow lanterns, creating a romantic and captivating atmosphere. Visitors can stroll along the enchanting canal and indulge in the magical winter scenery.

Hokkaido Shrine Setsubun Festival

Experience the traditional Setsubun Festival at Hokkaido Shrine, where visitors can partake in bean-throwing ceremonies to drive away evil spirits and welcome good fortune for the upcoming year. This cultural event offers a unique insight into Japanese customs and traditions.

Sapporo’s top places to visit in February

Sapporo Snow Festival Site

The main venue of the Snow Festival is a must-visit, featuring enormous ice sculptures and snow statues that illuminate the city’s landscape. The site also offers exciting snow activities, delicious food stalls, and a lively ambiance.

Susukino Ice World

Discover the Susukino Ice World, an intricate display of ice sculptures that transform the streets into a glittering ice gallery. Visitors can marvel at the intricate details of the sculptures and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the Susukino district.

Mt. Moiwa

Embark on a cable car journey to the majestic Mt. Moiwa, offering panoramic views of Sapporo‘s snow-covered scenery. The observation deck provides a breathtaking vista, especially during the illumination event, where the city sparkles against the snowy backdrop.

Sapporo Beer Museum

Explore the Sapporo Beer Museum, where visitors can learn about the history of beer in Japan and indulge in tasting sessions of various craft brews. The museum’s cozy ambiance and informative exhibits offer a delightful indoor experience.

If you plan to visit outdoor attractions, ensure to wear sturdy, waterproof footwear and dress in layers to stay warm and dry in the snow.

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