What to do in Shimla in May 2024

What to do in Shimla in May 2024

Why you should visit Shimla in May

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh in India, is a delightful destination in May. With pleasant weather and a burst of natural beauty, this hill station becomes a haven for travelers seeking respite from the scorching heat elsewhere. May in Shimla offers a perfect blend of outdoor adventure, cultural experiences, and relaxation, making it an ideal time to visit.

Shimla Weather in May

In May, Shimla experiences comfortable temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. The weather is pleasantly warm during the day, allowing for outdoor activities and sightseeing, while the evenings bring a cool, refreshing breeze. The chances of rain are minimal, ensuring clear skies and sunshine for most days, making it an ideal climate for exploration and relaxation.

Shimla Events in May

Shimla Summer Festival

The Shimla Summer Festival is a prominent event in May, attracting tourists and locals alike. This colorful extravaganza features cultural performances, folk dances, music concerts, food stalls, and a variety of entertaining activities. The festival showcases the rich heritage and traditions of the region, offering visitors a vibrant experience.

Rhyali Festival

The Rhyali Festival, celebrated in Shimla in May, is an agricultural festival marking the onset of the sowing season. This traditional festival includes prayers, rituals, and cultural performances, promoting the significance of agriculture in the community. The festivities highlight the deep-rooted connection between the locals and the land.

Tattapani River Festival

The Tattapani River Festival in May celebrates the natural beauty and significance of the Tattapani region. Visitors can partake in river rafting, cultural events, and adventure sports, creating a lively and thrilling atmosphere. The festival offers a wonderful combination of recreation and appreciation for the stunning landscapes around the river.

Shimla’s top places to visit in May

The Ridge

With its panoramic views and bustling atmosphere, The Ridge is a must-visit in Shimla in May. Stroll along this open space, lined with shops and eateries, and soak in the enchanting vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys.


Escape to the serene town of Chail, located near Shimla, and explore its lush forests and majestic Chail Palace. Nature walks and bird-watching amidst the deodar and pine trees offer a refreshing experience.

Mall Road

Indulge in some leisurely shopping and delectable food at Shimla‘s iconic Mall Road. Lined with quaint boutiques and restaurants, this bustling street is the perfect place for a relaxed evening stroll and to savor local treats.


Discover the scenic beauty of Kufri, a charming hill station near Shimla renowned for its picturesque landscapes and adventure activities. May offers an excellent time to enjoy pony rides, trekking, and skiing in this enchanting destination.

Remember to check for any COVID-19 related travel restrictions or safety guidelines before planning your trip.

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