What to do in Singapore in May 2024

Why you should visit Singapore in May

May is an excellent time to visit Singapore as it marks the end of the hot and humid weather, making it pleasant for outdoor activities. With numerous events and festivals taking place, May offers a vibrant cultural experience and a chance to explore the diverse attractions of this captivating city-state. The month brings a perfect balance of favorable weather and an exciting array of events, making it an ideal time to explore the rich cultural tapestry of Singapore.

Singapore Weather in May

Singapore experiences a transition in weather during May, with the humidity starting to decrease and the temperatures becoming more moderate. The average daily temperature ranges from 25°C to 31°C (77°F to 88°F), making it comfortable for outdoor exploration. While occasional short showers are still common, May offers plenty of sunshine, allowing visitors to enjoy the city’s outdoor attractions and festivities.

Singapore Events in May

Singapore Heritage Festival

The Singapore Heritage Festival celebrates the city-state’s rich heritage and cultural diversity. Visitors can immerse themselves in the traditions, customs, and history of Singapore through a series of exhibitions, performances, and heritage trails. This festival offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the roots of Singapore’s various ethnic communities, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and culture aficionados.

Vesak Day

Vesak Day is a significant Buddhist festival commemorating the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. In Singapore, devotees gather at temples to perform rituals and engage in acts of generosity. The bustling streets adorned with colorful decorations and the serene ambiance at Buddhist temples create a spiritually enriching experience for both locals and visitors.

Great Singapore Sale

The Great Singapore Sale, held annually from late May to early July, is a shopper’s paradise offering incredible discounts and promotions. With a plethora of participating retail outlets, including designer boutiques, department stores, and shopping malls, visitors can indulge in retail therapy, scoring fantastic deals on fashion, electronics, and lifestyle products.

[h3]Singapore International Festival of Arts[/h3]

The Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) is a captivating event that showcases a diverse range of performances, exhibitions, and artistic collaborations. Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of contemporary theatre, dance, music, and visual arts, experiencing cutting-edge creative expressions from local and international artists.

Singapore’s top places to visit in May

Gardens by the Bay

Explore the iconic Gardens by the Bay, a nature park spanning 101 hectares. This urban oasis features the mesmerizing Cloud Forest, the futuristic Supertree Grove, and the colorful Flower Dome. May offers pleasant weather for strolling through the gardens and enjoying the stunning floral displays and futuristic architecture.

Marina Bay Sands

Ascend to the observation deck of the Marina Bay Sands Skypark for breathtaking panoramic views of Singapore’s cityscape. Additionally, indulge in exquisite dining experiences at the renowned restaurants and uncover the vibrant nightlife scene around Marina Bay.

Sentosa Island

Head to Sentosa Island for a day of relaxation and adventure. You can visit the pristine beaches, enjoy thrilling attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore, and unwind at luxurious resorts. In May, the island offers a perfect blend of sunshine and sea breeze for a rejuvenating getaway.


Wander through the bustling streets of Chinatown, where ancient traditions meet modernity. Discover the vibrant heritage shophouses, savor delectable street food, and explore the cultural landmarks, including the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Sri Mariamman Temple.

May is also an excellent time to explore Singapore’s diverse culinary scene, with numerous food festivals and events showcasing delectable local and international cuisines.

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