What to do in Torremolinos in October 2024

Why you should visit Torremolinos in October

October is a fantastic time to visit Torremolinos, offering a perfect blend of warm weather, fewer crowds, and a variety of exciting events and activities. The pleasant climate allows for enjoyable outdoor exploration, and the town maintains its vibrant energy without the peak season hustle and bustle. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, cultural experiences, or culinary delights, Torremolinos in October has something for everyone.

Torremolinos Weather in October

During October, Torremolinos experiences pleasant and mild temperatures, making it an ideal destination for outdoor activities. The average high temperature ranges from 21°C to 26°C, with cooler evenings around 15°C. Additionally, the stunning Mediterranean coastline offers a refreshing breeze, creating an inviting atmosphere for beach visits and seaside strolls.

Torremolinos Events in October

Festival of San Miguel

The Festival of San Miguel is a cherished annual event in Torremolinos, celebrated with traditional music, dance, and delicious local cuisine. Visitors can witness lively street processions and take part in the vibrant festivities, providing a fantastic opportunity to immerse oneself in the town’s rich cultural heritage.


Torremolinos hosts an exciting Oktoberfest celebration, bringing the renowned German beer festival to the Spanish coast. Visitors can savor a wide variety of beers, indulge in traditional Bavarian delicacies, and enjoy live music and entertainment, creating a lively and memorable experience.

International Fantastic Film Festival

The International Fantastic Film Festival of Torremolinos is a paradise for film enthusiasts, showcasing a diverse array of thought-provoking and visually stunning movies from across the globe. This event provides an opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge cinema and engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the art of filmmaking.

Torremolinos’s top places to visit in October

La Carihuela Beach

Enjoy the tranquil beauty of La Carihuela Beach, offering golden sands, clear waters, and a charming promenade lined with inviting seafood restaurants and pleasant cafes. This picturesque setting is perfect for leisurely walks, sunbathing, and indulging in fresh seafood delicacies.

Crocodile Park

Embark on a unique adventure at the Crocodile Park, home to over 200 crocodiles and a variety of other exotic animals. Visitors can witness thrilling feeding sessions, learn about conservation efforts, and marvel at these fascinating creatures in a safe and educational environment.

El Calvario Hermitage

Explore the historic El Calvario Hermitage, a striking example of Andalusian architecture dating back to the 17th century. This serene and captivating site provides a glimpse into the region’s religious and cultural heritage, offering a peaceful retreat for contemplation and appreciation of the local history.

Molino de Inca Botanical Garden

Discover the natural beauty of Molino de Inca Botanical Garden, featuring lush greenery, tranquil ponds, and a captivating array of flora from around the world. This enchanting oasis provides a relaxing escape from the bustle of the town, allowing visitors to connect with nature and enjoy serene strolls amidst breathtaking landscapes.

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