What to do in Valencia in April 2024

Why you should visit Valencia in April

April is a wonderful time to visit Valencia for several reasons. The city comes alive with springtime celebrations and outdoor events. The weather is pleasant, and the crowds are smaller compared to the summer months, allowing for a more enjoyable and relaxed experience. Additionally, April is the perfect time to explore Valencia‘s stunning gardens and historical sites without the intense heat of the summer. You’ll also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture as the city celebrates various traditional festivals.

Valencia Weather in April

During April, Valencia experiences mild and pleasant weather, with average temperatures ranging between 11°C (52°F) and 20°C (68°F). It’s generally sunny, with occasional showers, so it’s advisable to pack a light jacket and an umbrella just in case. The comfortable weather conditions make it ideal for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Valencia Events in April

Fallas de San Jose

Fallas de San José, also known as the Feast of St. Joseph, is a vibrant celebration of art, culture, and tradition. The city is adorned with enormous papier-mâché sculptures and colorful decorations. The festivities include parades, music, and traditional street food. Visitors can witness the breathtaking “fallas” (sculptures) set ablaze at the culminating event, La Cremà, on the night of March 19th.

Holy Week (Semana Santa)

Valencia celebrates Holy Week with a range of religious processions, street performances, and cultural events. The atmosphere is filled with solemnity and tradition, while the streets are adorned with intricately designed floral displays. Visitors can witness various processions, including the solemn Good Friday night procession, which is a deeply moving experience.

Valencia Film Festival

In April, Valencia hosts its annual film festival, bringing together filmmakers, actors, and film enthusiasts from across the globe. The festival features screenings of both local and international films, as well as workshops and discussions with industry professionals. It’s a fantastic opportunity for cinephiles to explore new cinematic experiences and engage in discussions about the art of filmmaking.

Valencia’s top places to visit in April

The City of Arts and Sciences

The futuristic architectural marvel, the City of Arts and Sciences, is a must-visit in Valencia. Explore the Science Museum, Hemisfèric, and the Oceanogràfic, the largest aquarium in Europe. The entire complex offers a blend of entertainment, education, and cultural experiences for visitors of all ages.

Turia River Park

Formed from the diversion of the Turia River after a devastating flood, this lush park features walking and cycling paths, playgrounds, and beautiful gardens. It’s a tranquil oasis where visitors can enjoy picnics, outdoor activities, and leisurely strolls surrounded by the natural beauty of Valencia.

The Central Market of Valencia

The bustling market is a paradise for food lovers. Delight in the vibrant colors and aromas of the fresh produce, seafood, and traditional Spanish delicacies. It’s an excellent place to immerse yourself in the local culinary scene and pick up some unique ingredients to take home.

The Old Town (Ciutat Vella)

Wander through the historic streets of the Old Town and discover Valencia’s rich heritage. Visit the iconic Valencia Cathedral, the Silk Exchange, and the picturesque Plaza de la Virgen. The area is also home to charming cafes, artisan boutiques, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Don’t forget to try the delicious paella, the most renowned dish in Valencia, while visiting the city’s local restaurants and eateries.

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