What to do in Vienna in March 2024

Why you should visit Vienna in March

March is a wonderful time to visit Vienna, as the city comes to life with a variety of cultural events, spring blooms, and pleasant weather. The city is less crowded, allowing you to explore its attractions with ease. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or simply love to immerse yourself in rich history and architecture, Vienna has something to offer every traveler in March.

Vienna Weather in March

In March, Vienna experiences the transition from winter to spring. The average temperature ranges from 1°C to 10°C (34°F to 50°F). While there may still be some chilly days, the city starts to awaken from its winter slumber. It’s the perfect time to enjoy crisp, sunny days and witness the greenery returning to the city’s parks and gardens.

Vienna Events in March

Vienna Blues Spring Festival

The Vienna Blues Spring Festival is a highlight for music enthusiasts in March. It features a series of concerts and performances by both local and international artists, celebrating the rich heritage of blues music. The festival’s vibrant atmosphere and soulful melodies create a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to tap your feet to the rhythm of the blues in the heart of Vienna.

Vienna Art Week

Art aficionados will appreciate the Vienna Art Week, a diverse and engaging event that showcases contemporary art from Austria and around the world. The program includes exhibitions, guided tours, and talks, providing a platform for artists and art enthusiasts to interact and explore new perspectives. It offers a fascinating experience for those with a passion for creativity and innovation.

Vienna Restaurant Week

Food lovers visiting Vienna in March will delight in the Vienna Restaurant Week, where the city’s culinary scene shines. Participating restaurants offer specially curated menus at discounted prices, allowing you to savor exquisite dishes from renowned chefs and discover hidden gastronomic gems throughout the city. It’s a fantastic moment to indulge in the diverse and delectable flavors of Vienna.

Vienna’s top places to visit in March

Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens

Explore the magnificent Schönbrunn Palace and its sprawling gardens, which begin to bloom with vibrant colors in March. Take a leisurely stroll amid the blossoming flora, and admire the grandeur of the Baroque architecture that defines this UNESCO World Heritage site. The palace offers guided tours that provide insight into the lavish lifestyle of the Habsburg dynasty.

Belvedere Palace

Marvel at the beauty of Belvedere Palace, home to an impressive collection of Austrian art and the iconic work of Gustav Klimt, including “The Kiss.” Admire the palace’s stunning architecture against the backdrop of blooming gardens, creating a picturesque setting for memorable walks and photo opportunities.

Vienna State Opera

Attend a performance at the Vienna State Opera, one of the world’s leading opera houses, renowned for its opulent interior and exquisite acoustics. In March, the opera season offers a diverse repertoire, allowing you to indulge in the captivating performances that showcase the city’s rich musical heritage.


Visit Naschmarkt, Vienna‘s largest and most popular open-air market, where the vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings make it a must-visit destination. Wander through the market stalls to sample local delicacies, shop for fresh produce, and experience the multicultural ambiance that defines this bustling hub of culinary delights.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Step inside St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a symbol of Vienna‘s rich history and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Climb the South Tower for panoramic views of the city, and marvel at the intricate details of the cathedral’s interior. In March, the cathedral exudes a sense of serenity, allowing visitors to appreciate its grandeur without the peak tourist crowds.

Consider purchasing a Vienna Pass, which offers access to numerous attractions and unlimited use of public transportation, providing convenience and cost savings during your explorations.

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