What to do in Vilnius in June 2024

Why you should visit Vilnius in June

If you are planning a trip to Vilnius in June, you are in for a treat. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a vibrant city that comes alive in the summer months. The pleasant weather, numerous events, and cultural activities make June an ideal time to explore this charming city.

Vilnius Weather in June

In June, Vilnius experiences long, warm days with an average daily temperature ranging from 15°C to 22°C (59°F to 72°F). The city enjoys approximately 9 hours of sunshine each day, making it perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing. However, it’s advisable to carry a light jacket or sweater for the cooler evenings.

Vilnius Events in June

Midsummer Festival

The Midsummer Festival, known as Joninės or Rasos in Lithuania, is a traditional celebration held on June 24th. It is a significant event in Lithuanian culture, marked with bonfires, music, dancing, and folklore performances. Visitors can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere and witness age-old customs and rituals.

Vilnius Festival

The Vilnius Festival is a renowned classical music event held in June, offering a series of concerts featuring world-class orchestras, choirs, and soloists. Audiences can enjoy performances in historic venues such as the Vilnius Cathedral and the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, adding cultural enrichment to their visit.

Street Music Day

Every May or June, Vilnius hosts the Street Music Day, where the city’s streets, squares, and parks come to life with the sounds of music. Musicians of all genres, from jazz to folk, set up impromptu performances, creating a delightful ambiance for locals and tourists to enjoy.

Vilnius’s top places to visit in June

Gediminas Tower

Gediminas Tower, the iconic symbol of Vilnius, offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Visitors can climb to the top of this medieval tower and admire the picturesque landscape, including the red rooftops and the winding streets of the Old Town.

Užupis District

The bohemian Užupis District is a must-visit for its unique atmosphere and quirky charm. Known as the “Republic of Užupis,” it has its own constitution, flag, and even a president. Artistic vibes, street art, and cozy cafes make it a fascinating place to explore.

Trakai Island Castle

Located a short drive from Vilnius, the Trakai Island Castle is a stunning medieval fortress set on an island in Lake Galvė. Visitors can wander through its historic halls, learn about Lithuanian history, and take a relaxing boat ride around the picturesque lake.

Bernardine Gardens

Bernardine Gardens, nestled in the heart of the city, provide a peaceful retreat amidst lush greenery, colorful flowers, and charming pathways. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or simply to unwind and soak in the serene ambiance.

Don’t forget to try Lithuanian traditional dishes such as cepelinai (potato dumplings), šaltibarščiai (cold beet soup), and kugelis (potato pudding) during your visit.

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